Saturday, 4 December 2010

Bailey in Snow

Relaxing after a run in fresh snowfall

It really is taking me some time to get over losing Taffy and add to my Bearded Collie blog. The home still feels very empty without him in it. Having just been away to South Africa the return home really made me realise how much I miss him still. There was no friendly giant to greet me at the door.This is the first time Bailey has been left alone without us but as he stayed in our cottage with friends his routine wasn't affected too badly.

Taffy adored snow and reverted to a puppy state each time he saw it. Eating it, barking at it, rolling in it and basically having fun to the point that anyone watching him would have to laugh. It was impossible to be serious around him as he was always such a comedian.

 Taffy last year

 I opened the door to the garden this week for Bailey who simply stood looking outside without wishing to place his feet in the white blanket on the ground. There was no Taffy to  race outside and encourage him to join in the fun. I donned warm clothing and gathered his lead and camera setting off for a beautiful walk in the fresh snowy surroundings with Bailey at my side. 

 Hampshire Woodland

 In seconds he  remembered  the fun he had last year and he was off. Racing around like an idiot and thoroughly enjoying his new game. It does seem very strange taking photographs of one dog not two though. I will admit I have lost tears  yet again this week thinking of my wonderful huge sloppy Beardie who was always so much fun when we had days like this to  make the most of.

Enjoying the fresh snow

We often see a herd of cows who always come to the hedge or fence to see Bailey. I have no idea why they are so curious but to see their big noses against Baileys smaller one is so comical. A very strange friendship seems to have formed indeed but as beardies are wonderful herding dogs perhaps Bailey is  wishing he could have fun rounding them up.

 When we return from a walk Bailey always races  for his favourite fir tree to  roam under to scratch his long back. He wasn't expecting a shock as he disturbed the resting snow on the branches above. His face and expression was hilarious as a mountain of snow fell on him. But nothing  prevented him from his mission of a brilliant shake!

Bailey shaking after scratching his back on the branches of a fir tree.

Next came the time to lay in the the snow and attempt to eat some.

This year has flown by. There have been very happy times with two wonderful dogs and now fun times with one.

Taffy is still very much with me at times. And my heart is still aching with the loss of a gorgeous  four legged friend. I'm not sure I ever will get over losing this wonderful old boy.

I believe Bailey is still missing him very much too.

It still hurts.

 Sweet Taffy 2009



  1. I love your photos of Bailey and am glad that you and he are having fun together. I'm sad with you, though, that Taffy is no longer right there by your side. He was your faithful shadow for so many wonderful years.

    I, too, have been shedding many tears recently, as my Rowan has been quite sick. We won't know for at least a couple more weeks whether or not he will be okay, so I am a bit where you were with Taffy for much of the past year as he had health problems.

    Hugs for you and scritches for Bailey,

  2. We are looking for a rescue Beardie so I was googling blogs/web paes and yours came up. I was so sad to read about your loss. We lost our springer two years ago and only now feel ready to replace her. They leave a huge gap in your life when they go. love to Bailey too who must also be at a loss.

  3. What a beautifull, beautifull dog, and your photos I enjoyed very much. Greetings, Elke