Friday, 26 March 2010

Beardies in Watercolour

Beardies in Watercolour
Original Watercolours by Jean Haines

The joy of being an artist and being owned by two Bearded Collies is that I always have two willing subjects to paint. I love their characters,expressions and willingness to please. Not a day goes by where I don't smile because of their antics or poses and these are often caught in my work as a professional watercolourist.

This week I picked up these two paintings from a new gallery that is about to open and the owner asked if they were for sale.These aren't as they are going to a very special home. When I paint  for someone with them in mind I cannnot part with the painting for any other reason.
And so Baileys breeder Carol Wessen who is responsible for the Barbudo Beardies will have a surprise in the post.

Carol and Ed kindly looked after Bailey for us a while ago. Ed adored Bailey when he was born and to this day their relationship is unique.What always hits me when I visit Carol and Ed is their strong evident love for all of their "girls" and each new puppy that comes into the Barbudo line. So many families are so happy with the special bundle that they come to know and love over the years as their own Beardie bond grows.It must be such a special  feeling knowing you are giving  more than a puppy a new home. You are creating and giving love for years to come.

This Barbudo Puppy  is one of Baileys nephews.


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