Friday, 22 January 2010

BrambleDale Boniface

BrambleDale Boniface
Known adoringly as Taffy. 

A gentle giant of a Beardie, Taffy came into our lives when we lost a beloved rescue pet from China. Heartbroken my family searched for a puppy suitable as a companion for the remaining rescue pining for his  lost sibling.

We needed a gentle breed and I wanted a bitch to take the place of my missing rescue who had lovingly been a part of our family for so long.

 An incredible lead  saw me driving to Wales to meet Lynne Sharpe who breeds Brambledales.
The minute I saw Lynnes  litter I was smitten, her beardies are the most  incredible dogs. You really have to see them to understand how I felt at that time.

While I looked at the female puppy that I had driven so far to see  a little male   kept catching my eye. He was adorable and it was love ar first sight.

Beardie Pup Watercolour from a Collection by Jean Haines.

I will never forget the look on everyones face when I returned home with a sweet black and white bundle that happened to be huge. Everyone was waiting for me to walk in with a little female after all their searching for just the right puppy.

But I had fallen in love with the most gorgeous boy.

Our relationship and adventure into owning a Beardie had begun ......little did I know that Taffy would live all over the world with me.

He is  a blessing .........and I am so grateful to Lynne and her Beardies for helping me fall in love with this breed.



  1. Hello Jean
    I too have a beardie. Hes a character. I am afraid not as well groomed as yours. He ates being brushed.
    I was surprised when realising this was your blog. Has always your paintings are wonderful.
    Hope your your keeping well and busy as always.

  2. Hello Trevor, Beardies seem to suit artists! This has been a nightmare of a week because we almost lost Taffy.We are waiting for results and praying he will be okay. Its lovely to see you and yes I am busy. I am writing my second book on watercolour,my first being out later this year.It really is a busy time.but at the moment my heart is with Taffy..........I hope all is well with you