Friday, 8 April 2011

Bailey and Friends

Bailey and Friends

Bailey is becoming a wonderfullyconfident dog since he started training with Maxine the wonderful behavourist that visits our home weekly to put both Bailey and myself through our paces. I feel his unusual grieving behaviour when Taffy passed away is beginning to finally dissipate as he is accepting life without him at last..

Recently I had to leave home to film "Amazing Ways With Watercoloour" my new DVD and I hated parting with my dog. Especially at a crucial time when his training programme was going so brilliantly.  However Maxine was fantastic and visited each day while I was away to  continue his sessions. In the above photograph Bailey was walking with a group of dogs which will teach him appropriate behaviour around other pets. His manners are not all as they should be so who better to put him in his place and correct him than someone who speaks his own language! Another dog,one who has perfect manners! Daisy and Trudy are beautiulf border collies and they are incredible to watch in action.

In Bailey I have a disruptive teenager on my hands who has always had difficulty in learning the term "respect".Taffy always corrected him but as he is no longer here all of Baileys bad manners came leaping to the surface and it wasn't pleasant at first. But he is coming around and life with him is so magical. His comical expressions whenever he looks at me can do nothing other than raise a huge smile and his wagging tail is definitely something I adore seeing.

All the love,time and patience to turn my pet around  really is has been so worthwhile but finding the right help at the right time was definitely my saving grace. Recognising there is a potential problem and dealing with it correctly was a wise move as our home is far happier and relaxed now. And so is Bailey!