Monday, 28 March 2011

Sad News.

Buster and Bailey

Still learning to get over the loss of Taffy who felt like the heart of our home at times we have had more very sad news today.When we took Bailey to the vets we also took one of our cats in as he had a  lump on his head that I was worried about.The vet decided it would be wise to remove the lump and so Buster under went surgery last Thursday.

He came home a little groggy from the aneasthetic and I nursed both of my four legged male patients.We have waited for the results from the test on the growth that was removed and have now heard poor Buster has cancer. There is absolutely nothing the vets can do.The growth was attached to bone and  Buster has two months to a year to live. 

I am absolutely heartbroken.These two pets have been inseperable since Bailey arrived as a puppy at the same time as Buster when he was a kitten. They have bonded in such a sweet way. Every evening there is always the usual  playtime where they will communicate and play with the other.This always fascinates friends visiting to see a dog and cat so happy together.

Poor Bailey will be losing yet another close companion in such a short period of time.

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  1. Wonderful blog. That moves my heart when I see a Bearded collie with a cat. My Frodo loves cat's but he always think he must play with them and cats play when they like to play.