Thursday, 15 April 2010

Side by Side

"Side by Side"
Two Bearded Collies in Watercolour
An Original painting by Jean Haines

Taffy is going from strength to strength in recovery and his blood tests show he really is much improved and on the mend. Last week following a week watercolour workshops I held in UK artists came to my home for a casual painting day to relax. Some had flights within the next few days to return home to South Africa,Italy and France so this was a wind down from a long weeks concentration on painting. As much as everyone enjoyed the day Taffy was in his element moving from artist to artist for cuddles and attention.

When we lived in Hong Kong and Dubai it was normal to see our home full of guests sometimes up to hundred people at a time. Somehow having started life as a puppy in this kind of  lifestyle Taffy almost always acts as though it is his role to take over the major greeting and socialising when we have guests!

Bailey on the other hand behaves in a very different way. Embarrassing his owner and taking centre stage his  antivs take a very different route. Last week his amorous attention to a beautiful blondes left leg raised large amounts of laughter from my guests. I thought he had long grown out of this kind of "greeting" but it seemed as though a twinkle hit his eye and he was off  with nothing being able to stop him on his  romantic mission!

Owning Beardies is a laugh a minute and I adore them. They adore everyone they meet so life is good. However  I just hope Bailey doesn't always show his admiration in this over enthusiastic way. 

It does seem to be just blondes he reacts to though!
And only very attractive ones!



  1. Your Beardie likes snow too. Midge loves to roll in it. First snow of the year he does a forward roll into it in celebration. Does the same with new mown grass in spring. :)

  2. They certainly are characters thats for sure.
    Love this watercolour.

  3. Hi M!

    Mine seem to ignore new mown grass but they love the snow and like yours get very excited when they see it for the first time each year!

  4. Thank you Trevor , they make great subjects.

  5. Love your watercolor work!...oh yeah, your dogs are really cute too:)