Thursday, 24 December 2009

Beardies Love Snow

                                                           Bailey the Beardie

This is Bailey who adores snow and just about everything else in life. As Bailey seems to be taking over my own blog on watercolour I have decided to create a blog just for him and Taffy. Two wonderful Bearded Collies. Apart from meeting other Bearded Collie owners it will be heaven to share some of my shots of my two dogs.A keen photographer I intend to keep this blog fun and up to date with news on Bearded Collie antics!

Our morning walks  have seen Bailey racing around in deep snow having an absolute blast each day!

Shaking  is such brilliant fun for Bailey and for me as a photographer keen to get that action shot! Bailey is so enthusiastic in his shakes I am never sure how he manages to stay on his feet during the process.

Playing to the camera.this guy knows how to pose!

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