Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Tears Over Taffy

When I posted the last entry on my Beardie Blog I had no idea where the week ahead would lead.

I believe every pet owner will understand the fear of losing a well loved friend. A week ago Taffy seemed to find it very hard to breathe and  all of a sudden changed in  his manner. Walking became difficult and he seemed to age very quickly.

A race to the vets left us in no doubt we were going to lose  him. Blood tests showed very bad indications that Taffy indeed was very ill. This was  the hardest evening of the week or so I thought but the growing worry continued.We had a decision to make on whether to try to save his life or to kindly say goodbye. Beardies can live  to a very good age and even though Taffys is getting older his spirit and character is that of a young pup still.

Following our vets advise we drove to a hospital in Winchester ,Hampshire UK. Here we were met by amazing dog owners who had come through all manner of ordeals. Our first consultation saw us leaving Taffy there and I left heartbroken worrying I may never see him again.His breathing by now was a struggle and he looked very weak.

The next morning Taffy underwent a bone marrow test and more blood tests.Scans had indicated he had a huge growth on his spleen. He must have been in pain for some time and yet never once let on.Always wanting to please us his manner was always loving and gentle.

Last Friday Taffy underwent surgery to remove his spleen. He came home on the Saturday morning and the work of nursing began full time. This meant little sleep on my part and being with him for  most of his recovery. Cooking foods to keep him interested in eating became a main part of the day.Hand feeding  until he  would eat on his own. Tempting morsels every few hours.

Gradually Taffy started to recover from his ordeal and I feel as though I could sleep for a month!

This morning I took Taffy out for his first real walk. Just to the gate and back but he was so happy I had to hold him back.He shouldn't run  for a while yet and here was this creature trying to pull my arm off!

Taking him to our vet yesterday was a heartwarming experience.Seeing relief on faces as Taffy walked in, head held high, wagging his tail was so incredible.We had all given up hope and yet he is still here. And we certainly know it as he is now playing on being ill!
We have one hurdle to face which should be any day now.

The results from the test on the growth.

The most wonderful scenario is that it wasn't Cancer.

Everyones fingers are crossed for this beautiful gentle giant...........and I will share  on this blog when I know for certain Taffy will be okay................

Being a pet owner isn't always easy.but for all the love this boy has given me I wouldn't have missed a second for the world.


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