Saturday, 15 May 2010

Bailey Days

                                                                     Bailey Groomed!

Having recently moved to a wonderful old cottage time has been scarce to  regularly groom my two furry monsters so Bailey  went to the groomers yesterday. He arrived home with a new " hairstyle" which meant he could see more easily.

 A good shake followed to try to get rid of the "tidy dog" look.

A new " friend" has been visiting the cottage daily. Alarmingly the two make an odd couple with the lone swan following Bailey wherever he goes along the bank.  I am hoping the swan may just move to a new location soon and lose interest in Bailey!

Bailey and swan in our garden.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Jean
    Great pictures of your beautiful beardie.
    Mine unfortunately hates being groomed and will not let any body near him to do so. So I have had to attempt a diy. I dare not show you the end result, but he is a happier dog in his crew cut style!!!!
    Hope you are well and are having great success with your wonderful art.
    Best Regards