Saturday, 26 March 2011

Life with Bailey in Spring 2011

Bailey in sunshine this week

This week has been one full of  sunshine and moments in the garden where life is absolutely fantastic. Bailey has taken to sitting under the same tree that Taffy used to love. In the above photograph he is smiling at the camera after demolishing quite a few small treats during his now daily training routines. To be honest these sessions are so much fun for both of us and I am keeping very fit. His latest game is learning  how to walk between my legs as seen in agility dog shows. This must look a little ridiculous to passers by on the other side of the water bank.The early stages of his training have me walking like the ministry of funny walks performed by John Cleese!

Getting an established and experienced behavourist in when Bailey was grieving was the best action I could ever take as a dog owver. Even though I loved Bailey I couldn't read the signs. I knew something was terribly wrong and many suggested a new puppy could be the answer as maybe a new companion would help. But I felt Bailey needed to adjust to life without Taffy first.

We were recommended to bring in an amazing person in the form of Maxine Corrie Thomas. A friend nearby had been experiencing problems with her male dog some time ago after the loss of her husband. I listened and knew this could be the person to help. How right I was. Maxines' son has just won an award at Crufts as Junior Dog Handler of the Year so her way with animals must run in her family.

The difference in just a few weeks from having an expert walk in and quietly help is incredible. Friends now visiting wonder if we have actually changed Bailey for  a different Beardie! He is so happy, full of life,eager to learn his new tricks and by my side as always constantly but this is something I need to learn to change.

I have to allow Bailey to follow instructions from  others so that he learns  it isn't only me in his life that counts.The bond between us is very close indeed so we now play games involving him having to come to others commands which will help balance his confidence and help him grow into a more sociable pet.
Bailey going through his paces with my Grand Daughter Cassie.
He is waiting for the next command and eagerly looking  at her face for the next move she makes which will by hand asking him to " touch".

The last few weeks have seen such a terrific change in my lovely boy. He is now a sheer joy to own and  every minute spent turning him around has been worth it. But this will be a constant programme involving love,time and patience. I am not sure if I will ever introduce another puppy. I feel Bailey needs this time alone but if the time ever is right we will consider the option. 


To anyone reading my blog who has problems with their dog I really do suggest seeking expert help. There are times in life when human relationships don't work out or they go through hiccups. The  change in  Bailey after losing Taffy was really too great for me to deal with alone.  I strongly believe if the love is there things can be resolved. But the key word definitely has to be love And of course  looking into ways to correct what is going wrong.


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