Friday, 12 March 2010

Taffy Update

  King of the Castle

It seems like ages since I added news about Taffy to my beardie blog. The last few months have been a roller coaster of emotions as we  nursed our wonderful Bearded Collie Taffy to a full recovery from major surgery.  The  amazing specialists  at the animal hospital discovered a problem with Taffys spleen and it was removed. The road to recovery was one full of hope because each new day saw this beautiful dog gaining strength daily. On many occasions he played on being ill to his advantage when it came to persuading us that he really could only manage to eat freshly cooked chicken or fish. We were advised to feed him little and often. Gradually a pattern arose where he soon worked out that my waking each day meant a delightful breakfast for him. He soon also worked out that he now had a small lunch meal too which he had never experienced in his life before. You could say this lovable rascal soon worked out that being ill wasn't all that bad at times! Licking his lips he would longingly watch his bowl being filled and I would have to remind myself just how seriously sick he had actually been.

His energy level  continued to rise and walks were soon getting a little longer each time until he could manage a short walk on his  favourite country tracks. The photograph above really makes me smile because he always seems to wish to be higher then either Bailey or I on these adventures so this is a typical pose and expression. The " King of the Castle"

Bailey  was thrilled to have his best buddy back and they fast  returned to being inseperable and "double trouble"! The daring duo always on the look out for something new.

Taffy and Bailey lovingly known as "Double Trouble"

 Everything has been going so well and Taffy  surprised everyone with his fantastic return to health. Nicknamed " Miracle Dog" we all believed our troubles were way behind us and that Taffy had several good years ahead of him to enjoy.

Sadly yesterday things took an unexpected turn for the worse which came completely out of the blue.We raced Taffy to our own vet  who contacted the hospital and  we drove Taffy to Winchester to see the specialists. He seemed to become very weak so quickly.  Very aneamic with little strength, no interest in food or water and his breathing was badly affected. All hope seemed to disappear of  a second  possibility of recovery or miracle.

We have had to leave him at the hospital overnight for a blood transfusion. Today we wait for any news or hope the hospital can give us that he will  remain our " Miracle Dog ".

It seems he ate this morning and looks brighter.

As I type I have no idea what the problem is or Taffys future. 

I have Bailey wandering around like a lost soul and the house seems so odd without my furry donkey sized dog annoyingly nudging my arm when I am in the middle of a painting. He is intelligent enough to know if he  nudges my right arm I seem to make an unfriendly noise because as a professional artist he ruins my  brushstrokes. However if he nudges my left arm he gets a pat on the head. I am right handed and he has worked this out over the years. 
Nudge Jean's left arm = Good noise.  Nudge Jeans right arm = Cross noise!

I hope I can come in and add to this blog positively soon because poor Taffy has done so well in the last few months. To have this setback now seems too unfair. We all thought he had only happy walks to look forward to from here in.

Every dog owner I am sure will read my message and completely understand the heartbreaking feeling of fear looking into our pets eyes and wanting to help them without letting go.

They say when the time is right to say  goodbye you know.

I don't.

I looked into Taffys pleading eyes yesterday and I saw a dog that refuses to let go of me. He is fighting with all  his  power to be here.

We can't let him down so we are giving him every chance we can.

If anyone in UK has a pet that is ill I cannot recommend this animal hospital highly enough. The team are so wonderful and I believe they do perform miracles.

The waiting room yesterday was full of  incredible "survivors" . Dogs recoveing and winning struggles against cancer and all odds.

I am praying Taffy will be one of the survivors too.


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