Saturday, 20 March 2010

Babesiosis and the " Miracle Dog"

                                                                 "The Four Amigos"
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines
Taffy, Bailey,Sally and Buffy 

For Beardie lovers Taffy is a Brambledale Beardie and towers over his  companions in this scene who are all Barbudo Beardies. He simply didn't stop growing so he is like a small donkey!

This last week has seen Taffy daily recovering from Babesiosis . It is very hard to look into his bright eyes today and consider that we nearly lost him a week last Thursday. His lethargy and difficulty to breathe was so extreme. He was suffering  from aneamia badly. Hardly able to stand my husband gently lifted him in and out of our car  at the vets and animal hospital and I knew in my heart that this really was the day we would be saying goodbye to our so loved pet.

If it wasn't for the amazing team at Anderson and Sturgess in Hampshire without a doubt Taffy would not still be here. But he is and also in  really good health getting stronger each day and amazing us with his vibrant  zest for life. Try opening a cat food sachet without him noticing or even going to the pet food cupboard. He is there faster than you can say "Taffy"!

What happened? 

The blood tests have all confimed Taffy had a rare problem  which has hardly been seen in UK. This will be from a tick bite that occured whilst we lived in Asia. The spleen suppresses this kind of problem so Taffy has been fine for all of his life until his spleen had to be removed earlier this year. Without it the crippling affect of the tick bite rose to the surface very agressively and  would have killed him..

With the right treatment Taffy is making a full recovery and we are so grateful to the veterinary team who saved his life.

Taffy will now be monitored at the hospital on a regular basis  in order to help other dogs who may  become ill in this way in future.  To know what we went through may help someone else feel hope or encouragement if their pet  falls drastically ill somehow eases all the tears from last week.

But to hug this giant of a dog is the very best gift I could have had especially as he came home from hospital on Mothering Sunday last week after his blood transfusion and initial treatment.

He has earned his new nickname from everyone at  the local vets and the hospital.

" Miracle Dog!"


Probably all  dog owners are aware of these tips but if you notice your dog becomes lethargic too quickly, the colour of his gums turn pale to white dramatically, the breathing becomes laboured or the pads of their feet become  very cold to touch please  take them to the vet as quickly as possible. Early detection of many health issues leads to the best chances of saving your pet. Early action in Taffys case saved his life.


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