Monday, 15 March 2010

Painting With Beardies!

Taffy trying to steal yet another hat!

I have no idea why Taffy likes my hats so much but whenever there is a chance he will quietly sneak up and consider stealing one! This photograph was taken after a Watercolour Workshop in May 2009 when some wonderful art friends from all over the world visited. After the weeks workshops we painted on location in Hampshire. The weather was chilly and I kept  very warm in winter clothes. I was painting a bridge over a canal. Bailey happily watched as the younger dog while Taffy was his usual self looking to see how he could become more involved.

Jane thank you so much for forwarding this lovely photograph and memory to me. I loved that day and it will soon be time to reunite  yet again, share painting and have a chance to create even more wonderful memories. I cannot wait!

The good news is that Taffy was allowed home from the animal hospital yesterday. He is now on treatment which we have to order especially as this is not a common problem to deal with if you live in England.  It will be a while before he is 100% recovered as he is still very aneamic but his spirit is so cheerful, his tail wags non stop and he is loving his new health diet on top of being spoilt of course!

We are so relieved he is still here.

It has been a very emotional roller coaster this last few days but we are on the winning side now!


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